Videography In Marketing

Stand out in today's digital landscape by creating authentic video content that resonates with your audience, whether produced DIY or professionally.

Caleb Kerley

Marketing Director at RP3 Productions

The Rise of Video in Modern Marketing

 More consumers view video content on a day-to-day basis than ever before in history.  The fact of the matter is that it will only become even more increasingly popular.  So popular that the #2, #3, and #4 rankings for most visited search engines in the world belong to content banks focused mainly on video content, with these being YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  This has become a milestone for marketers all around the world, and an industry changing event is happening: the necessity for video content.  Video content is different from other types of content because it has the ability to capture attention for more than just a split second. For centuries marketers have used graphics, paper advertisements, mail brochures and more for marketing.  Don’t get me wrong, these still work… kind of, but they are now used for a broader approach to advertising.  Videos give you the ability to zero in on your ideal target customer.  They allow you to tell a story using visuals, text, voiceover, and scenery that allow you to connect to the viewer at a more personal level. Statistics say that 71% of successful B2B Marketers Use Video Marketing & 66% of B2C successful marketers use video.  In order to standout in this crowded digital landscape, we must put effort into capturing our brands message through video content.    

Connecting with Your Audience Through Authentic Video Content

 Why Not Use Generic Content 

As marketers, we notice advertising effectiveness when we see it. For example, let’s imagine this perspective: you are in the market for buying a new car and have made it a habit to casually scroll through Facebook Marketplace in hopes of seeing something that catches your attention.  Because you are seeing so much at once, it’s going to take something really popping out at you to cause a click on it for more information.  If you’ve been in this situation, you’ve seen generic dealership ads time after time and scrolled right past them.  Ask yourself who would actually click on one of these ads?  They are literally a framed photo of a TV advertisement you might see for a corporate commercial & are a complete waste of advertising dollars!  They offer no value, no perspective, no personalization, and most importantly no diversity!  It’s very frustrating to see these companies dumping thousands of dollars into these campaigns month after month with the same still shot of a vehicle.  Enough said, let’s get to the right way to go about advertising campaigns 

Practice Creativity & Authenticity 

In the past few months here at RP3 Productions, we began experimenting on the effectiveness of car dealership ads.  The first month we ran advertisements for a dealership consisting of graphic advertisements highlighting vehicle specials and discounts.  These ads did… okay.  They certainly did not have a corporate feel to them, but they also lacked a creative element.  Ever since, we have ran advertisements in the form of video.  These consisted of a local salesman showcasing different features and aspects of the vehicle, highlighting different pain points of a customer looking to buy a new car, and giving the vehicle related solutions to each of them. This type of advertisement has yielded an average of 5x more clicks than the average for the auto industry.  This not only cuts down on advertising costs, but gives the dealership a chance to stand out amongst the crowd, giving personalization and uniqueness to its brand image.      

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Harnessing the Potential: DIY vs. Professional Videography

 Often, entrepreneurs stay away from advertising in general because they feel like they cannot afford it. They think the content needs to be cinematic and perfect in order to work.  This couldn’t be further from the truth as advertising can be DIY and completely free! Don’t get me wrong, having professional videographers shoot your content can be extremely beneficial, and potentially make you more sales, but this is not completely necessary unless you have the budget for it.  Social media & the internet in the most effective way of bringing sales to your business.  Therefore, if you want to succeed in this landscape you need to stay on top of it.  Personalized authentic content can simply be made from your smartphone.  Sharing pieces of your work, showcasing how you do it, and explaining the benefits in one way or a another can be a game changer for your business.  It creates a sense of community with not only your customers, but also within your brand. If you want to have continuous growth, you need continuous improvements, and the first major step in improvements is to have an online presence that reflects your brand’s image.

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